Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Cold From Hell

I was really tempted to write a post for Bluepaintred last night that was only one word:


But then my bed called me and I succumbed to its wonderful wonderfulness. I have heard that a cold must go through changes in order to run it's course. The only thing that has kept me sane through this - becuase I am a big baby when it comes to being ill - has bee that the cold seems to be going through a stage each day.

One would think there cannot be many more stages to go through. Can there.

Sore throat - check
sore throat and plugged nose - check
plugged nose and coughing - check
runny nose, coughing, chest burning - check
runny nose coughing- check

As you can see, I am left with an extremely raw nose and a annoying cough. But. the worst does seem to be over.

Unless I am as unlucky as my husband - who gave me my cold, laughed at me, got over his and promptly caught mine.

I'm laughing NOW, but what happens when I catch his...again?

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Sheila said...

Whiney McWhinerton... you're not dead. Hurry the hell up and figure out if you are going to die or not, okay. I need to save money to send flowers to your hubby if you kick off, you know.