Sunday, September 16, 2007

Post about Poop! Look Away!

My three ear old is completely potty trained. During the day that is. At night its a whole different story.

It's not as though he cannot open his bedroom door, and its not as if he does not know when he has to go.

Yet each morning he is soaked clear through. He wears a pull-up, which saves on sheets, but not on money. Even worse, some morning he has a something more solid in his pants.

How can I convince him that even if it is night time he is allowed to open his door and go potty? You see. My kids are super good, and since the time they were babies they went to bed and stayed in bed.

The older two understood that potty trips were AOK, but the baby? he just doesn't get it.

I'm tired of buying pull ups, and i am tired of changing diapers.

Help me help him stay dry through the night...

....maybe if i bribe him with a jelly donut?


Shelli said...

Don't buy them. Make him change his own sheets. Make them available to him and have him help you launder them.

Not a Granny said...

I used to have to wake up Daughter and take her into the bathroom just before I went to bed.

She slept so deeply, she did not realize that she had to go to the bathroom.

We didn't have pull-ups in the olden days..

Fireflower said...

It's amazing what a well-placed bribe will do for a child. My mom played "the price is right" with me. She also had to potty-train me twice. The first time when I was a baby, the second time when I lost a kidney and had to relearn all the signals and potty habits again.

Right now we're trying so hard to get Tiff to the point where she will accept being potty trained. She isn't quite ready, but she refuses to either stay in a wet/dirty diaper or to tell us when it needs changing. This results in her taking off her diaper whenever the mood strikes her, and sometimes leads to a very messy and icky game of hunt-the-poop.

Soon. I tell myself, soon. Then I contemplate the unborn boy child within and start visualizing what's going to happen when he discovers how much fun it can be to strip off all your clothes and play the same game. And boys can pee so much further over the side of the crib than girls can!