Friday, September 14, 2007

I can't find the instruction manual

One of the reasons I love blogging is that there is the potential to reach millions of people with one question. And It seems that I always have questions!

Blue Boy started Kindergarten last Tuesday. He goes Tuesdays Thursdays and every second Friday. (all day) So far he is having a blast!

My only problem is my oldest son, who is in third grade feels that he must be with Blue Boy for every recess. So instead of making his own friends with the kids in his class, BB spends his time playing with the third graders.

Should I be stepping in and asking RM not to play with his brother, or leave it and hope that as the year goes on Blue Boy will beging to make his own friends to play with...


Sheila said...

You might casually say to RM that he's not required to play with Blue Boy at recess. RM might really enjoy playing with his brother though, and thats okay. Its gotta be cool to play on all that equipment together.

Not a Granny said...

He is probably the envy of the KG class. Playing with the Big Boys! It's only been a few days. Give him time, he will play with his own class soon enough.