Saturday, September 22, 2007

Contest Fun!

My Baby Blog, Where was I is having it's very first contest. The contests will be a monthly happening and open to everyone. Hope over here and write a short entry about the contest, leave your URL in the comments of this post and you are entered. Pretty simple, eh?

This next contest is a bit harder to enter, But the prize is way better.

My Main Man, Mr.Fab is having a contest for an OHMYGOD OhMiBod! thats the vibe that hooks up to an iPod, and if you aren't a vibrator girl, you can choose either an iPod Shuffle or a 75 dollar gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.

To enter Mr.Fab's Fabulous contest you have to go here. Set up an account. Or you know, multiple accounts, after all, hotmail and gmail are free, and go back here to vote for his blog in the BEST FUCKING HUMOR BLAWG EVER category!

AFTER you have voted, leave a comment with your URL here.

Dur, the URL is the post that YOU write about Mr.Fab's fabulous whoreosity!

Pee ess: Enter both. Or else,

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