Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kids Can Be Expensive

I watch all the back to school shoppers in awe. I am shocked when I see totals coming up on the till screen for back to school clothes!

How can people afford to do this? I know I can't

Now that I have two kids in school, I worry about making sure their shirts fit properly and their are no holes in the knees of their jeans. But I am NOT willing to run out every august and buy them new wardrobes! Heck, If I did that, we would spend August without food!

Luckily, I have friends in high places.

My BFF Kiss works for a man whose wife runs a consignment store. Every so often, Kiss's boss's wife (confused yet?) decides she has too much inventory and sends bags of clothing to Kiss, who in turn goes through it for things that will fit my boys (or me).

Today, my boys got new pants, yes I do mean new. A lot of the things she brings over still have store tags on! The boys also got some pajamas and tee shirts. I got a new skirt and a sweet pair of shoes.

I do not understand people who refuse to shop in second hand stores. I shop there. A lot. I would much rather get ten pairs of jeans for twenty dollars than one pair for twenty!

What about you? Do you shop second hand?


Blogarita said...


I'm not saying we never buy anything new, because we do. SG's jeans need to be new, because guys jeans never seem to end up in second hand stores or garage sales until they are already nearly worn out.

But I'd say almost all of Sparky's clothes, about 2/3 of mine and at least 1/2 of SGs first belonged to someone else.

The thing I really like about used clothing is that it's already been washed (and shrunk), so you know exactly how it's going to fit when you try it on. :)

Not a Granny said...

Oh yes, I buy most of my clothes second hand. In fact, at the thrift store that supports the non-profit that I work for!

Fireflower said...

Yup. I buy used. Not so much for the Toddler, yet; I justify that because it takes her months if not a full year to grow out of/wear out anything. Preemie kids can really get your money's worth out of stuff- she wore the 0-3 month clothes until she was almost a full year old! She's two and a half now and still in a pair of 9month pants.

As she grows, I'll be spending more time getting clothes second hand. And trimming the budget in lots of other ways.