Sunday, September 23, 2007

A first

This morning I woke up to one tear streaked face and two rather guilty looking faces. The baby's puppy - which is really a lion but depending on his mood is either puppy or kitty - had no more tail.

Blue boy had the tail, Rainbow Man had the body. The baby was horrified.

This was a first for me, I had never been faced with a broken "attachment toy"

It was an easy fix, couple of minutes with a needle and thread, but the baby was so cute, asking if puppy needed a BamAid or some cream (ploysporin)

When puppy/lion/kitty was fixed, Stuperman gently took him and put him on his pillow, covered him up and kissed him good night.

It was SO cute.

I would love to read about your experiences! Please write in the comments or as a blog post, about your experiences with mending animals. if you write it in a post please be sure to leave me a URL!

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