Monday, September 24, 2007

Well Crap

With fall here we can look forward to cool crisp air, and beautiful foliage. Unfortunately, fall also brings on the spiders. The little freaks are desperate to outlive the winter months and move indoors.

Have I mentioned that I am arachnophobia yet? There was an instance when I was seven - almost eight months pregnant when I climbed onto the top of a couch and up the side of some stair rails, all for a few millimeter long bug.

My sons are very aware of my fear of spiders.

"Mom. don't look up, just back way and I will get my hat" said my seven year old of his hat on the table.

Of course I DID look up. I DID scream, and the spider retreated to his hide hole. Now I have to wait him out.

He is tucked away in the ball part at the end of the chain. Little bugger.

When he emerges I will spray him with hairspray, which is the most effective spider stopper ever. It sticks their legs together making them sluggish enough that an badly co-ordinated three year old can kill them for their momma!

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