Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney Spears Broke My Heart

When Britney Spears Exploded into the Pop Scene, She was too young, too thin, too pretty, too talented and way too successful for me to even consider liking her. As a teenage girl myself, she was everything I wanted to be. Rich. Famous. Hot.

I Instantly hated her. Hated her horrible chart topping songs, her horrible perfect romance with Justin. Everything.

But that all changed when Britney turned into one of us again. She started making mistakes and lowering her personal bar of perfection. With the news of her pregnancy, the world was up in arms about how she was ruining her career. I was a little upset at these muttering. A baby enhances your life, It doesn't ruin it.

All of a sudden I was rooting for Britney! After her son was born and months passed, she made no move to jump start her career, I mentally urged her on. I wanted so badly for her to show them all just how wrong they were.

Soon, a second pregnancy was announced and I thought, sure, that makes sense. After all, if I had known I was going to have three boys, I would have chosen to have them back to back too, just to get the baby and toddler stage done and over with. I mean, whats the point in restarting her career only to stop it a year later to have another baby?

I applauded Britney's smart planning. See, I thought to myself. She has a plan for the future. She is just following her plan.

Then the news was overrun with reports of her marriage breaking up , and my heart ached for her. This young girl, a mom, and now, a disaster of a relationship. It seemed as though each problem she had, each flaw, made me like her just a little bit more.

She was more human, she was real. She was one of us now.

And then? She shaved her hair? Drugs? All night partying? The partying I could understand. At first. She had just broken up with her baby-daddy. Her way of showing herself she was still desirable was to go out, party, and most important, attract men.

As more and more weird things began to happen, I started to wonder if Britney didn't have post partum(sp?) depression. But as I have never had it, I am not a good voice on that. She went to rehab and left and returned again, only to leave. Things were not going well.

When singles started appearing on the net, for the first time, I listened without my previous prejudice to her music. And while it certainly isn't my type, (although Gimmee More was cute,) she wasn't horrible either. With each single that was dropped or leaked onto the net, news flashed about her opening at the VMA awards and even more importantly, a new album was given a release date.

Last night I had such High Hopes for Britney. This was her chance to show the world what she was made of. It was her night to shine, to show everyone that just becuase she is a Mom doesn't mean she can't be a Star as well!

I wanted So.Badly. for her to do well.

And I don't think mine was the only heart that got broken last night.

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