Sunday, September 09, 2007


I have a stalker and her name is Sheila. Ohhhh she just updated. BRB.

Ok I'm back.

I have a stalker, her name is Sheila. She is the good kind of stalker, trust me. Not once have I received threatening notes about how our souls are joined in twine, nor have I ever found her digging thru my garbage cans in the dead of the night.

Instead, she tries very hard to be FIRST! on my blog posts, and always has time to talk to me. This makes me feel loved.

Some days I get into a funk. and logging into my email to see her status as I <3 Bluepaintred makes me smile when nothing else has that whole day.

Sheila has to deal with a lot of crap in her life, her boyfriend Tom had an accident and is now paralyzed. She takes care of him and loves him. Her job, while not the greatest, does sound fun, but fun doesn't always put food on the table.

Nevertheless, she tries to cheer me up, even when she is feeling bad.

In fact, I sort of get the feeling she is more of a friend than a stalker. What do you think??


Sheila said...

I'm not a friend. I'm a stalker!

(you're supposed to read that in your three year old's voice, kthxbi.)

Bluepaintred said...

Sheila was that a wee foot stomp I heard? My blog, my rules. Henceforth you are my stalker friend!

Sheila said...

Do I get a crown, or a sash, or something?