Friday, September 28, 2007


I wasn't expecting to know until tonight. But the phone rang just before noon.

The puppy, half Black Lab, Husky, German Shepard, and half Collie - is ours.

See, the other day my husband dropped the bombshell " I don't want a small dog" So my dreams of a wee Shih Tzu died right there. Its really important to me that we get a dog we can ALL love, and he is right, it will be hard on a tiny dog when the kids try to play with her.

I still plan, in eighteen or so ears when the kids are gone, to get myself a wee tiny pup, but honestly? I just want a puppy in my house, someone to love and watch grow into a dog. Someone who will go for walks with me and warm my feet at night.

As an adult our pup will reach between fifty and sixty pounds, so she will be nice to have around when the husband is out and I am home alone.

And did I mention that She will be here in a week to a week and a half?



Sheila said...

Those breeds should make an awesomely loyal and smart dog, I would hope. And, just think, the boys will not be able to hurt this one so easily if they accidentally fall on it... yeah, yeah, thats it.

Have you been thinking of names?
Kryponite after my cat?
Noname (pronouced Nonahmi) after my cat?

Annie Jones said...

Check your math. I think four halves equals two whole dogs. ;)

You'll have to post pictures as soon as she arrives!

Not a Granny said...

Woo Hoo!!! Puppy time!! Don't forget pictures of puppy toes...they are almost as cute as kitty toes!!