Sunday, September 23, 2007

What I want

In bullet form. Because I think weekends are the ideal time for bullets.

  • I want a Jersey Milk Chocolate bar.
  • I want a vacation. Preferably one that involves a cruise chip and clear blue green water.
  • I want to swim with the dolphins and watch sharks from the safety of a cage.
  • I want to be done with all my dentistry stuff. Although I am happy to be done until January.
  • I want someone to come and finish the last wall of Burgundy dots. You have to piant them three times. Thats annoying.
  • I want my puppy NOW, not six months from now.
  • I really REALLY want my puppy.
  • I want Arizona luxury real estate for when I retire. I want to sit beside a pool and watch the clouds drift by.
  • I want to own every Dean R Koontz Book that exists.
  • I want my hair to be magically perfect every morning when I wake up.

However. Should I never have even one of those things on my list, here is a list of what I DO have.

  • I have a beautiful home.
  • I have the love of a good man.
  • I have three beautiful children who love me as I love them.
  • I have a fuzzy wuzzy kitteh too keep my feet warm at night
  • I have a chilled KitKat Chocolate Bar in my Fridge, Just.Waiting.
And that my friends is good enough for me!

1 comment:

Not a Granny said...

Ummm..all but the shark and shark cage sounded good.