Thursday, September 27, 2007


So. I want a puppy. I worked on my husband for almost two ears to get him to say yes. Finally he said yes and at the same time told me about a guy at work who breeds his dogs once a year for pups.

Great. We were looking at a May or June puppy. About 400.00

Then my brother told me he would breed his dog and I could have a free puppy! Even better! So we were looking at a January or February puppy.

Then last night m MiL told me all about a set of nine pups on a ranch in Manitoba and I could have one in four weeks should I want.

after talking it over with the husband we decided why not, and i also learned that he was leery about getting a Shih Tzu becuase he doesn't like small dogs ( this is news to me) we decided to go for the mutt in Manitoba.

YAY - a puppy in an month! Free!

This morning, just to make my life difficult, my mother in law called and said that the puppy in Manitoba will grow really big. How many different ways can I tell them I want a small to medium sized dog- and so now we wont be getting the puppy there.

I'm so confused.

I don't want to get the shih tzu ( big lie, B really, really want her) and have my husband not like the dog becuase he doesn't like little dogs.

So now I am back where I started. Except I have my mother in law pressuring me on which dog to get.

The next time she calls I am going to tell her to STFU and let us get our dog on our time.

I just want to scream. But then again, that would hurt my throat.

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