Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oh And

Did I forget to mention that I have to head to the dentist myself in less than two hours?

'cus I do.

Three teeth out this time.


Sure hope it goes better then the last time!

I'm pretty sure, but not totally sure that after this afternoon me and solid foods will be saying good bye to each other for a while. I guess it all depends on how well I can chew with my front teeth!

As it is right now, I had an awesome lunch, toasted Cucumber on Mayo sandwich, and I am drinking coffee like it is going to be banned after 2 pm. (you can't drink coffee (or anything else that is hot) for 24 hours after an extraction)

Heck! The way I drink coffee on a normal day I am surprised no one has suggested I under go an addiction treatment!

I do remember two weeks ago, after my last extraction, how hard it was to not be able to drink coffee while watching (and smelling) my husband drink it!


Life goes on I suppose.

But I still hate the dentist! OK. No. I love my dentist, I just hate the stuff she does to me!


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