Monday, September 03, 2007

Guess What!

Last night on BPR I had mentioned that I needed to go into the city to pick up a few things.

Not one person asked what those things were.

We had to stop the Spots project becuase we ran out of tape!

[insert startled gasps here]

I know! How could we be so poorly prepared?

To rectify that we bought enough tape to last us well into the year 2025.

We have half a wall of spots to paint, and then we are at the mercy of the snail mail postal personal to get the last and in my opinion, most important piece to finish off the room!

And then? More pictures that you can shake a stick at!


Not a Granny said...

Okay, now I see how you are. To get the full story we need to check out both sites!

Tricky, tricky!!!

I was kind of wondering about your "spots" !

Bluepaintred said...

ohhh! are you getting excited? got your stick ready to shake?