Tuesday, September 25, 2007


OK. First let me set the scene.

I am a lazy , lazy person. It takes me quite a while to actually WAKE up in the morning.

So Here I am, Sponge Bob Square Pants pajama pants and a over sized sweatshirt, hair not done. And with short hair, It looks nasty not done, btw.

The door bell rings. I answer it.

A clean cut boy, looks about fifteen, but has to be older. He is from B.C. and is selling magazines of all things.

It took him five minutes to stop talking about how cold it is here in Saskatchewan to get to the part where he tells me why he is there so I can say no and send him on his way. Of course, young and clean cut or not, I had him stand on the porch while I held open the door to talk to him.

Tigger cat came to investigate and I picked her up not wanting her to run out the door and be lost forever. And yes, she would be lost forever, my hair isn't done, and I am not dressed, no way I am running out to grab her!!

Anyway. He made his sales pitch about ten feet away from me while backing down the stairs becuase my sweet little Tigger cat was freaking out. Tigger is a chicken. She likes to sleep and hide under the couch. I often hold her in my arms to keep her from running off while the door is open. But Tigger must not like sales people.

Before I got a chance to say NO to the magazines he, glancing at the hissing, barely restrained cat in my arms, said - must be a bad time - and RAN down the driveway.


OMG it was way too funny. I will have the cat answer the door from now on!

Pee ess: Here is my hand after trying to hold her while I talked to the guy.

I could only take picture of the one hand seeing as I needed the other one to push the button, but the other one is worse.

Still, I think I need to look into one of those Beware Of Cat signs to scare off the sales men!

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Not a Granny said...

Wow, wonder if the cat would work with Seventh Day Adventist?