Monday, September 17, 2007

And then this one time...

The first thing I ever bought online was a set of blue balls for my dad. No really. They were big plastic blue testicles for my dads old beat up truck.

I found them at a truck accessories site, and because I did not then, nor do I now, own a credit card i had to send in a money order and wait and wait and wait until finally, one day the phone rang.

At first there was just angry screaming about how could i and what will the neighbours thing and blah blah, but that soon gave way to laughter. Its been two, maybey three years now, and he still has his big blue balls tied to the back of his truck.

They even got stolen one time by a bunch of teens and my dad went up to their truck, cut them loose and put them back on his truck.

(they've only been taken the once - and his name was on the back of them, he knew they were his before he took them back)

Anyway. I thought you would enjoy learning what my first ever online purchase was~

What was your's?

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