Monday, September 17, 2007

eBay Seller? Me??

lately I have been mulling the thought of trying to sell on eBay as opposed to only buying on it. But there are fees and things. Looking at the fee chart it appears that a percentage of the final sale goes, as well as having to pay a small fee for listing an item.

This is all good and well, I can see that the eBay fees itself will come out of the sale of whatever item, but what about shipping?

How do I know what to charge for shipping? Is there some sort of online thing that will say from here to there and there to here costs this amount?

I have a huge apple box full of old records. I don't even know if the work, how would you tell? My dad gave them to me a long time ago and asked me to sell them for him. At the time I took the box and said I would look into it, and haven;t done anything since.

Any help, ANY, is appriciated!

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Annie Jones said...

I can help with the eBay selling, explain the fees to you, etc. Is there a website for your postal service? If so, you can figure out postage there, probably. I'll email you more later.

As for the records, there are ways to determine the condition (books and such), but you can't really tell if they will play all the way through with no skips unless you play them. Not many people still have a turntable, though. (I do...LOL!)

Anyway, I'll talk to you about the records in an email, too. I'll try to do that tonight.