Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yet another update on how dismally slow the painting is going

First the good news. I finished the top of the blanket. I need to wait now till I can get to a fabric store *note to self check eBay* and pick up some material for the back, binding and the border.

But whatever. I finished the top! That was the time consuming annoyingly slow part! YAY ME!!!

Way back when, we bought five paint trays. One each for white, pink, dark pink, green, and dark green.

We completely forgot we needed a sixth try for the burgundy. Figuring it would be cheaper easier to just paint all the colors but burgundy and then wash out a tray, we did just that.

This afternoon i emptied all the trays of paint into their respective cans, I got paint on my favorite pants by the way, I also mushed my hands in as many colors as I could before I had to get to work with the washing of a tray.

Playing in paint is fun right up to the point you notice your husband looking at you like you are a retard.

Anyway. After the kids went to bed I started taping and painting te burgundy circles. I figured I would have all the painting done tonight and by the weekend, when we went shopping, the room would be ready for showing.

Yea Right.

I estimate it will take at least four coats per circle. Each circle must be taped down, painted and left to dry for six hours each time.


It's not gonna be done for next weekend . Sorry.

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Sheila said...

I still want an effin' photo. ;)