Monday, September 10, 2007

Five Things I Want My Kids To Know (Before They Grow Up)

1. Very first, I want my children to know they are loved and in turn to love themselves. This in turn will naturally lead them to have the self confidence to try new things, where even if they fail, they will be able to get right back into the game of life.

2. I want my children to learn good Hygiene, both body and oral. As a child, I was not the most Hygienic person around, and as a result, At the ripe age of 28 I am on the road to dentures. My seven year old son has numerous dental problems that stem purely from my mistakes as a young mother. I want my children to follow three golden rules : Brush every day, Wash Everyday and wear clean clothes - Every Day!

3. I want my children to learn how to have fun. So many children have lives so structured, they have no time for fun anymore! Children need to run and play and they need to learn how to laugh at themselves. With a firm foundation of Fun, they will grow to be adults who can approach life with a smile on the inside as well as out.

4. I want my children to be able to share. Not just their toys, but their time and emotions. As we grow to adult hood, many of us seem to lose the openness that children come by naturally. We grow unwilling to help others out, to share our time, knowledge or hearts.

5. And Lastly. I want my children to grow. To be healthy and strong. To live long and happy lives and to learn something new every day!

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Fireflower said...

I was 19 when I got dentures. Not because of poor oral care, just as result of some nasty ol' medical mishaps. The dentist told me that it was only because of such good oral hygiene that I had managed to keep my teeth!

Dentures aren't the end of the world. Especially when fitted properly. I refused to let them do implants, or the dentures that require posts. It is possible, although it means the dentist needs to take more care, to get a properly fitted set of teeth without such things! And quite honestly I don't trust anyone to drill into my jawbone. Everybody I've known that had that done ended up with problems.

Good luck with everything! And if you get your kids to listen let me know how you do it.