Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Preview

I wanted the whole room to be a surprise, but I also want to show off the lettering, so here you go! Yes, we know it is crooked, but once the lettering is down, you can remove it, but it won't go back on! I guess the falls under the category "Deal With It" doesn't it?

All of the spots, except the deep burgundy ( the color on the wall you are seeing right now - which now that I look at it, looks black. Trust me, it's not!) are done. We forgot to buy a sixth paint tray for the burgundy and decided that we would just paint all the spots and then wash out one of the other trays.

And we ran out of plastic tape. Which reminds me, I have to send my son to go grab some.

So. Here is what is left before I will unveil the whole darn thing.

  • I have two feet of stripes to put onto the bottom of the quilt. I am not going to worry about the binding or backing for the photos, so long as I can get the quilt top done, I will be happy becuase it will give you the general idea of what it will look like. (want pictures of it half done? Click here)
  • I need to buy a 14 inch and a 12 inch pillow form for the decorative pillows
  • The burgundy spots. Once I have the tape and start actually doing them, I estimate they will take less than an hour and a half to finish.

One thing I was wondering. Should I do just photos or a video, or both, when I am unveiling the room? Photos, I can get up close and clear, but you will have a hard time really seeing the room. With a video I can tape it as you walk in the room and turn in a circle so the whole thing can be shown.

What say you, internets?


Not a Granny said... about both? Be sure to include a jelly donut in one of them.

Not a Granny said...

I forgot to mention, this looks so cool!! I may have to steal it.

We've been in this house 10 years and I haven't even painted the bedroom. The rest of the house has been just about completely remodeled, but not the bedroom!!