Monday, September 24, 2007

ACK! Alive! It's Alive!

So finally that lazy husband of mine got home from work, I mean srsly. Who does he think he is to get up at six and head off to weld for eight or nine hours leaving me home alone to deal with problems like this?

If you read this and this, you will know what I am talking about.

Ok. So the Mr.I have a job I can't be here every time there is a bug you need squashed came home from work and I told him that it was his DUTY to check and see if it was alive.


So he did what any manly man would do. He hit the chain with a pen and watched the spider fall down down down onto the table where he sprayed it with raid to watch it spasm on its back.

Hint. The spider is under the lid.

This. obviously. Is the spider.

This, is the only way I like spiders. Dead. And you know what? Even then, I'm not very fond of them.

This is me relaxing with a smoke. Its damn stressful keeping one eye on a fan all freaking day long just in case the spider makes a getaway and hides in my bed!

And so, the saga of the Scary Spider in the Fan has ended. Once again the prince has slain the dragon and the princess shall reward her knight with a kiss.



Simplerich said...

Today was a day for spiders, and my post had pictures too lol. The important part is a) all the spiders were harmed in this post and b) Thank you.

metalmom said...

The only good spider is a DEAD spider.

Hey! We have the same dining room set!! SRSLY!

Not a Granny said...

Again, I say, Ugh Spiders! Ugh, Ugh, Ugh!!

Tug said...

Hair spray works wonders on spiders...and I've also found a mixture of 409 & lemon pledge works in a pinch.