Monday, September 24, 2007

Spider Update

Earlier this morning I wrote about a spider that had decided my kitchen ceiling fan would make him a nice winter home.

I do not recall putting out any for rent signs this fall, nor Do I recall him paying a deposit on his new room.

So I want him gone.

But should a woman alone be expected to deal with unsavory characters? I think it is perfectly understandable that I am leery of confronting this beast.

Becuase the children's safety is important, I decided to tackle this problem without a man present.

How brave am I?

Not very, as it turns out. I sprayed him with the hair spray, but he is still holed up in the hole. (lol) I'm not sure if he ended up glued inside it from the hairspray or if he is just smarter than I am.

I hope I killed him and his dead little bod is rotting in there. Despite the fact that he is directly over the dinner table and the way my luck runs he will fall into MY food.

What do you think? Is he Dead or Alive?

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Not a Granny said...

Sorry, I am not zooming. I hate spiders!!

Annie Jones said...

Jab a toothpick or Q-Tip into that hole a few times. He'll be dead then.

Trisha said...

ew! ew! no q-tips!!

(sorry, I'm a spider hater too!)

Trisha said...

oooh, ps, that was Sheila. Uhm. Yeah... I've hacked Trisha's blog again... :D