Saturday, September 08, 2007

So. Is It?

I think i have a canker sore. But I'm not sure becuase.. well, can you get them on the roof of your mouth?

Serious. I want someone. Anyone to answer this.

The big problem with whatever is on the roof of my mouth is that it is right behind my front teeth. Which are, of course, my chewing teeth now.

LMAO did that ever sound redneck!

Anyway. I have complete faith that in a few weeks time, when my gums are healed (and its going way better then last time) That I will be able to chew small bites on the right side becuase the dentist left me one lonely molar.

Until then, I have to stick to soft foods so I don't have to chew, because really, that thing in my mouth? The canker or whatever it is? It hurts!

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