Thursday, September 27, 2007

A First

This morning I laid on the couch wrapped in m new super soft blanket we bought just for laing on the couch with. I heard the boys alarm clock go off and sighed.

M throat is on fire and I don't wanna talk.

Then I heard the baby trying to open his door and I wanted to cry. My plan was to go back to bed after sending the kids to school.

Rainbow man made everyone breakfast, while I continued hiding in my new super soft blankie. Then he got himself and his brother dressed.

I dragged myself off the couch to make lunch for them and watched them pack their back packs.

ten minutes after the boys walked out the door I saw Rainbow Man's spelling homework - the homework he slaved over last night to get it perfect - on the floor. He must have pulled it out when he looked for his mittens and forgotten to put it back in.

This sucks.

This is his fourth year of school and we have never forgotten to return homework before - library books yes - but homework is always packed.

I hope he doesn't get in trouble.

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