Saturday, September 29, 2007

Coffee Talk

tomorrow night ( Sunday) I will be going for coffee with BFF Kissy. Our coffee trips are about more than just drinking coffee, scratching lotto tickets and talki---

Ok wait. WTH is with all the commercials about games on TV? Have they any idea how annoying it is to be having a conversation with your spouse or child only to see them go slack jawed and wide eyed at the TV at the slightest hint a game is in existence??

I love to read books. I seem to always have one or two or three on the go, but know what? If i need to i can toss it down in a n instant and deal with whatever has to be dealt with. Games? Oh hell no!

"But. But.But. I need a saaaave point" they will whine.

Gah! I'm seriously ticked off at games. Can you tell?


Annie Jones said...

Yeah...and why aren't there any commercials for books anyway?

Bluepaintred said...

THAT is a freaking good question. They spend so much time saying read and play, don't watch TV all day, and yet, they never advertise books!