Sunday, September 09, 2007

Can your cat tell time?

Our first cat, Tisdale Newton, was a Manx Kodac. And I know I am spelling that wrong. She was black, fluffy as all get out with a huge mane, and very very smart.

My husband used to, and still does, love to have the music booming when he drives, when tisdale heard his car pull up with the stereo rocking, she would run to the door, jump and flip the chain lock off, so my husband could get in. It was super cute.

We did not know much about cats when we first got Tis, and so to feed her, we set out a huge bowl of dry food and she was allowed to eat whenever she was hungry.

Unfortunately, Tis died a few years back.

Two years ago this September a litter of kittens was born. These kittens were special in a few ways. Number one, Our goal was to get another cat when we bought our own home and the kittens were born the night we signed the papers for our home, and number two, my step mother had been in charge of a friends cat and accidentally let it out, resulting in, of course kittens. Mother Marnee was told she had to find homes for the kittens.

We, of course were over joyed! These kittens were meant to be with us, why else would they be born the exact night we bought our home?

So we brought home two kittens and named them Tigger and Shadow. Shadow only stayed with us for a year before we had to find an alternate home for him. He was peeing on everything, including us, constantly.

ANd then there is Tigger. She is not an energetic kitten at all! In fact, she got downright fat becuase all she did was sleep and we had continued in our huge bowl of food feeding method. We took her to the vet last April for her booster shots and the vet put her foot down. Tig had to lose weight. apparently it is bad for an 18 month old cat to be almost 12 lbs.

The vet said to put her on a wet food diet, that the dry food was not very good for cats, and to feed her only twice a day.

After a few weeks of the 12 and 12 feeding times, Tig began to tell time. . . In a fashion!

For a whole hour before its time to eat, Tigger can be found chewing on our feet, crying, scratching at the closet where her food is kept, meowing, and generally sucking up to whomever looks gullible enough to feed her early.

So. Tigger might not be able to open doors or leap tall buildings, or even to aim her hair balls for the litter box, but she can tell time.... Can your cat?

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