Monday, September 17, 2007

Speaking of Winter

Earlier in the year I was sweeping out the garage and i noticed one of the kids, most likely the baby had pushed a twig into the crack where the driveway and the garage floor meets. I pulled it out, thinking it only went down an inch or so. I was distressed to see he had over a foot of twig down the crack.

I will be the first to admit I don;t know a lot about driveways and cement and home improvements, but I don;t think there should be a gap that deep. I'm worried that in the winter when the snow is here, water will seep down that crack and wash away the foundation under the driveway making it so we have to replace the whole thing.

Our house is only six years old, so we want the driveway to last a bit longer!

If I was in the UK, I would contact Anglian becuase they have over thirty six years of experience in the home improvement business. From home additions to driveway repair, they are the company to see!

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