Monday, September 17, 2007


I am sitting in the garage right now having a smoke. I brought ht elap top out with the intention of surfing my boglines.

But. The garage smells. Badly!

Last night my husband BBQ'd some hamburgers for supper and they were awesome and the garage smelled awesome, but now? it reeks! I cannot really describe the smell, but trust me. you don;t want to be in here.

When I first woke up this morning it smelled so I opened the garage door to air it out. One would think that a full six hours of having a big twenty by twenty ( or uhm whatever size the door is) door open would be sufficient to get rid of the smell.

It's pretty chilly today, but the house is warm so I am wearing a pair of shorts. I shut the garage door thinking the smell was gone and i could at least be warm while i smoke but nooooooooo


Speaking of Barbecuing, does anyone have a good recipe for barbecued ribs? Ive never made ribs in my life, but i really would love to cook some up before it gets too much colder and we have to put the BBQ away!

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