Saturday, September 08, 2007

Live Vrs. Dead Food

We have two beautiful Corn Snakes.

Sugar, A Snow corn is White with a bit of orange. She is an albino. Her eyes are red - well pink, when she is ready to shed.

Spice is a pretty little Ghost corn. Her colors make it so that in the wild she would blend right it, as invisible as a ghost!

Recently I have gotten a few e-mails obviously typed with mean fingers relating to the fact we choose to feed our snakes live prey 80% of the time.

Let me take the time to answer a few of your complaints:


Number one. Corn snakes are NOT an aggressive species of snake. If you want aggressive, go wrangle a Texas rat snake or a snake from the cobra family. Corn Snakes make wonderful pets becuase they are so easily handled! Feeding them Live prey will not make them more aggressive, just like feeding them pre-killed will not calm them down!


You said that maybe 2% of the rats nutrition is lost when it is pre-killed and frozen. This is blatantly wrong! Look at our own frozen foods! Which one is healthier? The frozen corn or the garden fresh cob? Yeah, I thought so! In fact. If we were to switch to all pre killed all the time, we would be forced to supplement their diet by dipping the rats in vitamins. That fact right there tells me we are doing the right way!


You think pre-killed rats die a whole lot easier then when they are snatched and strangled by a snake and that at least in the wild, a rat has a chance to escape.

I say baloney! It takes seconds for my snakes to kill their food. They do not play around! Our snakes eat every three weeks and they are hungry when dinner time comes! The bite, usually on the face neck or haunch and squeeze the stuffing out. Trust me. The rat is dead before it has time to care its not going to be writing home about it's latest vacation.

Any questions oh anonymous one?

Oh. And just so you know. As I am typing this, I am watching Sugar eat a cute black and white rat. It was bought frozen. But not becuase of you. Our rat man only had frozen in the size we needed.

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