Sunday, September 09, 2007

I don't understand Dina Lohan

I really really REALLY don't understand her.

As a mom, who has no teen aged children, maybe it is not my place to judge another mom, but come on! I will not be partying with my kids when they are teens! You will NOT find me supplying them with alcohol and drugs and then asking for privacy when SHOCK! my child has to go to a drug rehab place.

HOW on earth can Dina Lohan look at her self in the mirror every morning knowing that her bad parenting is screwing up her daughters life? Lindsey Lohan is supremely talented. Yes.She is. Don't argue with me, this is my blog!

How can Lindsey be expected to stay clean and sober when each time she exits a facility that is meant to dry her out, her own mother is waiting in the wings to start the partying back up???

I know Lindsey is over the age of minority, but if she was MY daughter, she would be grounded!

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