Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weird but Funny

This morning when I dug into my son's school bag for his lunch kit, finding not only his lunch bag but various pieces of homework waiting for me. I asked him twice on Friday If he had Homework. He is in Grade Three now. He has to be responsible. Both times on Friday he told me he had no homework.

Sunday afternoon, I again asked him if there was anything in his back pack that needed to be done or signed. He again, told me no. I believed him.

This was what was waiting in the deep dark recesses of his back pack.

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It isn't a whole lot. A sheet waiting for Planitary names - I still feel badly for poor Pluto - And this, A meme.

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We have all seen various examples of MeMe's on the wide wide interwebs, but the fact that my son, in grade three brought home a MeMe as homework? That had the power to make me laugh until there were tears in my eyes.

Personally. The funnies part was this answer. he is definitely my son!

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Sheila said...

Smarties are a chocolate bar?

And, I'm all about going home after school! Thats the best answer, I'm sure!!