Tuesday, September 25, 2007

post 451

Wow. Four hundred and fifty one posts! My dad was right! I Don't Know when to shut up!

I remember one time the whole family was at the curling rink and my dad said he would give me money to be quiet for "x" amount of minutes. I also remember saying "Dad! Only one more minute! I only have to not talk for...one..uh...sigh"

I have tried the I'll give ya a dollar to be quiet routine with my oldest son, but he never gets the dollar. I actually think he is physically incapable of being quiet. Srsly.

I had blueberry waffles for breakfast this morning.

Whats that? Yea you read that right. I chewed waffles. Cus I can eat solid foods again! AND remember, no more dentists till January!! YaY!!

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