Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Battery Is Charged!

A while back, I bought a custom made vinyl phrase for my bedroom wall. No you cannot know what it says. You can wait for the photos dammit! Anyway. I knew that these vinl wall things existed becuase I had seen them at a local store in town here, but they only came in black and bronze(BOOOOOO!)

neither black nor bronze will work on a burgundy wall, and they did not offer the phrase I wanted. I started looking on etsy, and then switched over to eBay, and finally found them! Since they were so cheap I could not help myself and had to get this one too!

I don;t know if you can tell from the picture what it says so I had the husband take a separate one of just the words. Please also take the time to note Stuperman is fast asleep on the couch. We;;.. maybe not fast asleep. he is doing that ACK ! don't want to falls asleep slither slide JERKS HEAD UP, eyes close, slide more Sway, JERKS HEAD UP! must mot sleep dance

It's so cute, and damn fitting, wouldn't you say?


Sheila said...

That's cute! And, very very fitting for your family!

Bluepaintred said...

Sheila I know. I giggled and might have pee'd myself a little - a very little- when I saw it. It was a must have!