Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Should I?

My in-laws don't know about Paint!.

They don't know about Bluepaintred, Where was I, The adventures of Rainbow Man , or Bluepaintred Pictures either.

I never told them about BPR when I first started blogging becuase I know they would have seen it as a big waste of time. Hell they think reading books is a waste of time!

As time went on, I held the secret of Bluepaintred close to me and reveled in the freedom I had to write anything I wanted, Even if it was about them. After all. They would never see it, would they?

I felt completely comfortable talking about marital relations with my husband and swearing whenever I wanted too. BPR was my baby. My confidant, my love.

From Bluepaintred came the photo blog. I wanted to save time for people with dial-up. This way visitors could choose to see the photos but would not have to wait for a page to load if the did not want too.

Then came Paint!

Tonight when I was over at the in-laws, they started bitching about money spent on this or that and how we needed to tighten our belts becuase in six or less months we will be losing a large portion of our income.

And just for a second I considered telling her that I make more on paid advertising than I do with the daycare every month, that right now all the advertisement money is fun money but we will be able to use it as bill money when we lose Hannah.

I need to come to a decision. I can tell her about the wonderful interwebs and the money I make there and she will leave us alone when it comes to money.

But. Then she will know about the blogs. And I will feel censored. And that is Not the purpose for my blogs. They are here for me to talk to - y'all are good company too -

So. Shut her up and lose my privacy, or deal with her mouth and keep my blogs MY blogs.

Its a hard choice.


Sheila said...

I do write very censored posts on all my blogs because Tom and my whole family knows about them... It sucks sometimes to not be able to vent as much as I would like.

Annie Jones said...

I wouldn't tell them:

1) It's unlikely to keep them from harping at you about money.

2) Unless they are financing every thing you buy, your money situation is none of their business...unless you choose to make it their business.

3)You need a place to call your own...and to share your amusing rants about your in-laws with us.

Angel said...

You could just tell them that you get paid by an advertising company to review websites/products/services and write a short summary on your opinion of the things that you review.

By doing that, you do not have to disclose your blogs, and you can get them off of your back about the money situation.