Sunday, September 09, 2007

Uhm. No Thanks

So we finally set up an appointment for the kids (and us) to get photos done. Once a year, during the month of Stuperman's birth (June) we get family photos done.

Yes. I know its September. Shaddup!

So anyway I called to set up the appointment and you have to give the ages of the kids - I assume this is becuase the younger the kids the more time they have to book for that photo session. I tell her that my children, all boys, are three, five and seven, (almost eight.)

And she askes - get this - she actually asks - and will you be wanting graduation announcements?

First of all lady, Its September. School is JUST starting. Lets not talk about Graduation till at least May.

Second of all.. are we supposed to have graduation announcements for kindergarten kids?

Cus, I'm way too cheap for that!

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