Thursday, June 28, 2007



The official count down to the two most importan aspects of summer have started.

first of course, we have my birthday.

  • July second.
  • Write that down.
  • Google online birthday cards.
  • Send me one.


The second, would be the annual camping trip. I only wish we had the money to start camping the day after school lets out until the day before we go back. I was very spoiled by my parents becuase that is what we did as kids. With my sister old enough to baby sit my brother and I, my parents would commute to work from t he campsite and return each night.

It was awesome.

So far we plan on being gone from the 27th of July until the 29th. I know, it isnt a long time at all. But it is a start dammit!

And then, more importantly, my mother in law has said she will take my kids for a "long" weekend so just me and the husband can go camping.

I cannot wait!

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