Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Riddle Me This, BatMan!

We kind of sort of successfully completed stage one painting. Our bed, which has a headboard - (detached, it depends on the bed pushing it against the wall to hold it up) (and it has padding on the back so as not to mark the walls up) Anyway, our bed, which has a headboard, is laying in the sewing room right now.

Since the wall that we painted is going to be the wall the headboard rests against, I say It should stay in the sewing room for a month or so before we chance pushing it onto the new paint.

Sure at first It would be fine, but I think that after a day or so, the paint would start to either indent on the wall or stick to the headboard or Something!

I mean, we aren't even going to start stage two painting till mid july/early august anyway. We might as well leave it out until we are done, right?

But the husband, who granted, has been occasionally right on other things, said we should leave it off a week or so then push the bed back into it's regular spot.

So. Anyone know how long it takes for one coat of primer, half a coat of paint, half a coat of primer and four coats of paint to dry? there was a day in between each coat put on. And the half coats were becuase we royally screwed up but stopped halfway down the wall.

It is a really dark color ( but it looks good)

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