Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today the UPS man dropped off a package. They did not knock or ring the bell, they just slipped it in between the storm door and the screen door.

How will I ever know if they really wear those ugly brown uniforms like on TV?

This is just horrible.

Not that I did not get to see him or her, but that I am so concerned about their outfit. I even went so far as to interrogate the children on whether they had seen anything!



BigDaddyGonzoVents said...

I hate UPS!!! The customer service suck the big one. I think the head hunters did a recruiting spree at SARCAN. DHL is not any any better. FedEx is defiantly the way to ship.

I should get coffeemom to slow down a little. We are way over due to hang. Not that we are snobs we are work addicts but we are finally ahead for a change.

PM me sometime. And we do coffee?

Blue Beak said...

My UPS guy is a very nice chap!