Sunday, September 27, 2009

Location matters!

Five times int eh last three weeks - not counting getting my stitches removed- i have gone down to the new medical center here in town.

I love love love having a medical center - complete with x-ray machine, here in town.

Before, I would have to travel into the city, which, with traffic, takes me about 45 minutes to get to. My dad used to be able to deduct medical travel from his taxes, but that was when he would have to drive her six hours to get to the BIG city for her treatments.

It was SO mice the other night to just jump in the car, drive a block and take Logan into the doctors (ear ache) just like it is awesome that I can get Parkers' prescription filled here in town now!

Location matters, you know. Two summers ago, Blake fell off his bike and cut the underside of his chin. It was deep and should have had stitches, but by the time we had driven into the city and waited through the long long ER waits, the cut would be too old for stitches so we bandaged it up and sent him on his way. He has a sizable scar now. If the clinic had been open two summers ago, we would have taken him there, quick smart!

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