Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SO Freaking COOL

In the wide world of blogging you get to meet a bunch of new people. Some people, you will read their story and keep walking, never giving them a second thought. Others you will read, and read and then read some more, their stories will make you cry, or make you laugh. Some will give you hope.

When you blog, and read the same people every day, when you interact with them on facebook, twitter and other cyber areas, you soon become friends with them. When you friends are sad, you are sad with them. And when good things happen, their joy is enough to make you smile thousands of miles away.

Kat is an online friend. We've never met, and we probably never will. She lives in Florida and i live in central Canada. Quite a distance. Those miles don't stop me from being overjoyed and amazed at what has happened in her life the past 48 hours!

See, Kat was adopted as a little girl, and now, after years and years apart, she finally got to meet her siblings, ON NATIONAL TV no less!

Here is a link to the video, you will have to sit through an ad first, mine was on affordable health insurance, but it is worth it to hear the amazing story of how Kat and her three siblings finally connected.

In fact, the story is SO amazing, Tyra, from the Tyra banks show has reached out VIA twitter to Kat and her siblings to see if they will be on her show!

So cool.

I wish Kat and her new found family many many years of happiness!

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