Friday, March 16, 2007

Too Much Skin?

On to the part where I speak my mind. A few days ago I saw an add for an Armani clothing line that quite simply shocked the hell out of me.

Just look at it for a moment:
Who in their right minds has a child, what six? seven? in a string bikini??

This is why girls who are nine and ten feel it is OK to have oral sex. Why there are few sixteen year old virgins. This is not an acceptable way for a baby to dress. And do NOT tell me that a seven year old is not a baby. They sure as hell are! Do these advertisers not realise there are sick fucks out there who are going to use this piece of paper as fantasizing materials? What were the girls parents thinking!!

in the first place, I would be boycotting I know, I have only boys and no daughters. But I don't want my seven year old sons looking at a little girl dressed like a whore. and that is all this kind of thing leads too. If I could afford Armani their products now!

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Anonymous said...

what is even more sick than that is we just recently went to Old Navy and there are skimpy little string bikinis for 3-6 MONTH olds, just sick