Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunday Is Quit Day

When i wake up on Sunday morning (or afternoon LOL) I will not head to the garage to smoek. Nope. Sunday is Quit day. I remember having a tad bit of nausea when i was on champix last time, and other then a day of somewhat stomach upset on day four when I went from .5mg to 1.0mg, I have been fine. I guess the test is tonight becuase I took1.0mg this morning and take another 1.0mg tonight, this is day eight and the first day of the 2.0mg dosage.

I've stocked up on herbal weight loss products - LOL, just kidding, I stocked up on carrots and celery, the weight loss products will come in three months when I realize the carrots did nothing for me HAH!

Oh, and I bought a lot of gum, a box of it at costco, 14 or 18 packages i think it was.

I totally expect this to be hard, Im not expecting to not have to work at quitting, but I feel different about it, I've mentioned that before. i feel more..excited? Joyful? I don;t know the word, but AH! I'm so hopeful!

Ive read online how keeping a journal of your journey can help becuase if you, for example, want to smoke on day 10 of not smoking, you can look back to say, day three and see what you went through and how far you have come. I have thought about starting a free blogger or wordpress blog, just for myself, not indexed by google or anything, to see if i would keep up with it. I know from childbirth, the mind has a way of letting you forget the really hard things!

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