Friday, July 09, 2010

Bad Habit!

it is 1:13 Am, Friday, July 9, and the fact that i am sitting here, at my laptop typing means that i have been a bad bad girl.

You see, Friday, today, is the very last day of my husbands two week shut down. He goes back to work on Monday.

On a normal weekday, we head to bed at midnight to be ready to wake for the next day, but becuase neither of us had to be up to go anywhere, we have been staying up later and later and later. For example, I did not put down my book (Steven king's the Dome) until around 4:30am.


Now I have tonight, Friday Night, and Saturday night to get myself back on schedule so that I am tired and ready for bed by midnight on Sunday!

So what are my options here? Go online and make myself sleepy reading about nuphedragen? Stay up as late as i want tonight, but wake up by ...say 9AM tomorrow so that i am tired ALL DAY, and bitchy, and am able to go to bed at a decent time?

And to compound things, my inlaws are taking the boys over night on Friday night so me and Micah will be up late for our date night!


And we do this EVERY time! Seriously. Over shut down, over Christmas, every time he is off, we do this - when the boys are in school, I get up with them, feed them, make sure they have clean clothes on and lunch, send them to school and go right back to bed!

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