Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good News : Another Sisterly Update

My sister just called, she is home from the hospital and, though sore, she tells me that she is feeling 100% better than she was before they removed her burst appendix.

We discussed how odd it is that she is alive, Her appendix burst on Saturday afternoon, she went to the ER immediately - she was in a LOT of pain, but the ER doctors gave her some pain pills and sent her home.

It wasn't until late Tuesday night that she had surgery to remove her appendix. So yeah. very dangerous.

We drove into the city Friday night to bring her some pajama pants and her toothbrush and deodorant, and I was amused at the flyers on the walls of the elevator as we headed up to the fifth floor.

They had notices of hospital lunches side by side a colon cleansing review, and advertisements for the hospital cafeteria and the gift shop. The "One of these things doesn't belong" song immediately got stuck in my head!

My sister ended up with 27 staples for her vertical incision down the center of her tummy - when they opened her up, they did not know it was the appendix, they thought it was a bowel issue.

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Anonymous said...

my sister i love you so very much for careing enough to look into all the health issues i have but even more so for taking time out of your busy life to come and visit me in the hospital, i may not say it but it helps a great deal to see you walk into the room, i know well the cost of gas and such and you cant really be affording to come visit but somehow you always manage to do so, and micah works hard long hrs and most times he drives you so i want to say thank you to him as well i love you both very very much please give your special lil boys a hug huggle from aunty