Friday, January 15, 2010

Health. or lack there of

I was chatting with my chiropractor today about my back, and my general health. I asked her if maybe my weight had something to do with my back being in such bad shape. She agreed that maybe my weight had a bit to do with it, but that it was more a lack of general body health, a lack of core muscles than the extra pounds.

I could go and get me some quick trim or, I could start doing some simple exercises to work on my core.

You core is the muscles that support your spine, they are in your back and in your tummy/sides. It has been years since I have seriously done anything resembling regular exercises, so i agree that my back problem could be related to that.

I did the exercises today, they are little ones, becuase of my back, nothing too hard, no sit ups or crunches, I have to start everything slow, but I'm doing it.

It's pretty damn funny though. My legs are super stiff from the squats i did and my inner arms, the top part are sore as well. I think the arm soreness has to go with me carrying around my 93587209735 pound niece more than it has to do with exercise.


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