Saturday, January 23, 2010


This morning I made a pot of coffee, put a pair of pajama pants on under my housecoat and went out to the garage for my first smoke of the day. As usual, I took Sammi out with me. She has a really hard time in the winter, when we put her outside to potty, she freezes in seconds and it takes her hours to warm up. To help her out, we decided to let her go potty in the garage.

I scoop up her poo every weekday morning, becuase weekdays are when the garage is car free as Micah has it at work, and on weekends, we just let it sit LOL. For her pee, we put newspaper on it to soak it up, and toss those daily as well.

Its a pretty good situation, she isn't frozen, AND she isn't peeing on my kitchen rug!

HOWEVER. This morning, as I was enjoying my first smoke of the day and playing words with friends on my iTouch, I caught the most horrible whiff of something. It was bad enough that I instantly wished I had air filter in my nose. Honestly? I thought it was some decomposing animal in some dark corner of the garage, that's how bad it smelled!

I got up off my chair to see if I could find the horrid nasty smell, and guess what? IT WAS SAM! How on EARTH could a smell THAT bad come from the backside of an animal THAT cute?


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