Saturday, March 29, 2008

Date Night Inadequacies

My new laptop is about a month old. I wish i had paid attention to the dates so that i could shower it with love and attention on it's birthday ... but that is a whole other story.

I was very VERY against windows Vista when I first bought this laptop. I had heard So many bad, horrible and nasty things about it! The first day I used the vista system was annoying, having to make the system accept all the different sites I go to as non-risks. but after a time, and a little fiddling, me and vista began to get along, and get along quite nicely at that!

One thing I love about it is that the icons on my desktop show actual images of what it is. for example, if I am writing a blog post that has multiple images I have downloaded of the internet, instead of searching for, or having to rename as I save them to desktop, now I can just glance and see immediately which image I want to upload. And then again, in reverse, I can see at a glance which thing I want deleted.

Sooo. last night Hubs and I went on a date night, the first one in months (his folks are snow birds and just returned home). We decided to see the National Treasure sequel, (it's WAY better than the first one). But imagine my surprise when one scene of the movie suddenly made my sweet little Vista seem like some barebones computer! I guess though, to be honest, compared to this guys set up, the pentagons computer would seem like a pocket calculator!

Those of you who have already seen the NT movie already know what I am talking about, the scene when he is in the bathroom at the castle and he pulls apart iPods and phones and who knows what else and ends up with this supercomputer that he uses to take over Buckingham Castles security systems!

In any case, I do recommend you see national treasures, especially if you liked the firs tone,a s this one was excellent, but just be prepared for a little gadgetry envy...

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