Wednesday, March 05, 2008

photoshop - I love thee

As of right now, I have next to no clue what I am doing on Photo Shop, but, I am learning. AND, Ree, from Confessions of a pioneer woman is planning on starting a Photo Shop tutorial blog, so I have high hopes!

Smokey has one blue and one brown eye, and every picture we take of her the red eye is ...odd. It is red in her blue eye but blue in her brown eye and my camera - which has auto red eye fix, and my camera programing on the computer have no idea how to fix the problem.

Enter Photo Shop. And yes, I am aware the color I used in her pupil is wrong, but I was trying to get it done in a hurry and just randomly selected a dark color. I will go in later and fix it properly.

I took the above picture 'cus my son is adorable. But then I got photo shop and decided to play with it. I have done this exact photo up in about a dozen different ways, but this one is a favorite of mine. Everything but My sleeping baby is in black and white. (Although, It needs less red in the face...)

Here is a perfect example of why Photo Shop is my latest obsession. This is the straight out of camera shot (SOOC) :

Had I not known the child involved I still would have found this to be a darling photo, but when I run it through Photo Shop, and do a simple color adjustment, THIS is the result

And really? That says it all, doesn't it?


Not a Granny said...

That is soooo cool! I love Ree. Have you tried any of her recipes yet? MY GOD, they are so great!!!

Not a Granny said...

oops forgot to click...

I don't have photoshop, but it would be neat!

Bluepaintred said...

I sent you an email about photo shop, and i love ree. I love her photos and I love her recipes. Her cinnamon buns are to die for.

but the big plus of her recipes is the pictures that show you step by step, there is no possible way to screw up with them!

She needs to put out a cookbook - one with all the pictures, not the printable recipe cards she has on her site. If she had a photo cookbook, I would buy like ten copies so I could have one and give a bunch to my family so I can have good food at their houses too!