Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Office Hours? FAIL!

Remember the brat worried about his spacer getting knocked out of his mouth by a ball the day after his spacer had been cemented in.

No? Here, try this time line. It might jog your memory :

Last Monday - Spacer is very loose. RM goes in to have it taken off and re-cemented back on.

Last Tuesday - RM is hit in the face with a ball, Spacer pops off. Again.

Last Wednesday - RM has to miss school to get spacer put back on.

Sunday. Today - Someone who will remain nameless is playing with his spacer and breaks it. However, he only breaks half of it so there is a jagged piece of metal poking around his mouth. Yay.

And of course, the dentist not only does not hold Sunday office hours, they do not have an emergency line. I left a message and hope to get him in on Monday. Because the spacer is broken, they will just be able to remove it. The, another one will have to be made! (yay)

I'm beginning to think that either I need to get his teeth onto an elliptical for some training or the dentist and I need to come up with something other than the kind of spacer he has in. Its just not working. The spacer has come out three times in seven days.


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