Friday, January 25, 2008

Confessions of a closet Hypochondriac

I hate reading blogs by people who are sick.

There I said it.

My problem is that as they describe their symptoms and what they are going through I start to believe I have it to the point where I have panic attacks. I can't sleep at night for fear!

Here is a good example. Late last night, using the Stumble tool bar I came across a blog written my a woman who has breast cancer. Immediately I had her symptoms. I knew I should click the X, leave the page and try to forget about her heart wrenching story, but I read on and on. I did [enter random number here] self breast exams, in the shower, sitting, laying down, searching for the lump I knew had to be there.

Thank God there was no lump, but still, I found it really hard to close off my mind to the possibility that night when I tried to fall asleep.

I have taken on symptoms of Irritable Bowel syndrome, restless leg, fibromyalgia and even bad colds, just from reading other peoples posts.

I try my best to not read them, but I think it is like passing a car accident on the highway, I just cannot look away, and int he end I suffer the consequences by spending hours google-ing symptoms, having panic attacks, and suffering from insomnia.

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